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  • N. Hue

When That Growth Hits

By N. Hue
Posted on November 1, 2023
A puzzle and its pieces
Cover Image Title: Puzzle Piecing Up
Cover Image by: Deborah
Classification: Digital Art
Specifications: Traditional media, watercolor, A4 size
Year: 2023
Location: Dubai, UAE

When That Growth Hits

You’ll just know

One day you’ll wake up


At the realization

That yesterday is not only

Just a memory

That you can actually remember

But one that doesn’t actually

Haunt you

Rendering the ghost of the past

To one that exists

Outside of You

When That Growth Hits

You’ll see

That through the mirror

You’ll see yourself

As the golden garden

That are your features

Instead of seeing through


For the demons that have long rested

Away from Existence

When That Growth Hits

You’ll just notice

Your just existence

Is simply that

You are here

You are present

Like that present

Of golden gardens

In your reflection

Not out here

Not out there

Not out-of-mind

By being in your mind

But just here

A vision of your moment

A vision of your environment

That exists

As you Do

When That Growth Hits

You’ll realize

That those who cut you


Are only cutting the thread

That ties you to them

Not the thread

That ties you

To your worth

Because your vision

Is worth it

So shred the ties

To the toxic moments

Put melatonin

To the toxic environments

Let it go

As you do your Past

When That Growth Hits

You’ll finally move past it

All of this

Deep-dive into your soul

Your mind, heart, and body


To form a world

That only knows you

At the end of the day

Your word will fade into you

Your mind will ruminate onto

The soles of your being

Your heart will reflect with

The actions of your being

And your whole

Was built off of the pieces

That you needed


The ones

That you wanted

–When that Growth Finally Hit.


When That Growth Hits is a piece that uses repetition to emphasize what growth should look like for those who truly seek it, with each stanza building the reader up to each stage of growth. This is intended to encourage myself and others that the true goal within life is to grow, regardless of wherever we are at and whatever we have done in life. As long as you are better than the person you were before, that's all that matters.

[ * The End * ]

[ Writing Editor: Shubhay Mishra ]


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