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Joys in Studies

Welcome, families!

Which Subjects

Welcome to BrookEdge Academy, Families.

BrookEdge Academy offers free after-school help to the children who seek for stable performance in Science, Math, Language Learning, Art, and other subjects of your children's needs. 

Chemistry Class


Chemistry, Biology, and Earth Science


English / French

Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking Skills



Scratch, Webpage & Virtual Reality Programming

Math Exercises


Guided practice of school math or competitive math

Paint Colors

Art and Crafts

Doing Art in digital forms or on traditional media

Japanese Calligraphy


Simplified Chinese, Spanish and history

What Supports

It is one click away from virtual but real and warm help.

In BEA, we offer group-based programs, one-on-one tutoring, and resources for self-paced learning. Big or small, each request or question is responded to carefully—all for free.

Paper Clips

Virtual Interactive Programs


Virtual Parties


Thematic Workshops


One-on-one Tutoring

Showcase: Students' Works

Asynchronous Learning Resources

All Ages

Good Writing Examples


Homework Support via Emails


Chemistry Self-learning App

App Designer and Content Writer: Joshua Chou

What Impact

Miracles happen at micro levels when each child's uniqueness is considered. 

Going to school is a source of excitement but not all children feel the identical level of this enthusiasm, even among siblings. We focus on each child and help them thrive.

Tent under the Sky
The Sky View
The Sky View
Students' Works
Students' Works
Students' Works
Students' Works
Students' Works
Student's Works
Students' Works
Students' Works


whose child started working with BEA from 2021

After we moved into our new home in a new country, my son found himself in a new school with French-immersion programs. He felt embarrassed as he did not understand what was going on in class. My son is a sweetheart. He saw me taking care of his baby brother and keeping working at the same time. He said nothing until his report card arrived with a surprising mark in the subject. BEA helped my son after school and in summer. His latest mark got two grades up. I am truly grateful. We can not afford to pay for the same result if going somewhere else. 

Traveller's Compass


whose children started working with BEA from 2022

Thank you for the English program. My work keeps me busy, very busy. I have a family to support, you know. When I finally have some time to rest my tired legs back after work, I choose to use the time instead for my child in need of help. But I have no idea where to start or how. With the help from BrookEdge Academy, reading the Franklin stories with [The Tutor] opened the door to a new world for my kid. My little one not only knows some new words and parts of speech, but loves reading in English now!



whose child started working with BEA from 2021

[The child] just finished his last [Math] class with [the Tutor] for July. He said he was so sad about it [the end of program], because [the Tutor]'s class was so great! [The child] is eager to have more classes from [the Tutor]. 

------------- Summer, 2022

We wanted to thank all of the young tutors for their tremendous effort. [The child] really enjoyed the tutoring courses and benefited a lot from them. Besides, we very appreciate [a staff member] for building this connection and making the courses efficient. 

------------- Winter, 2021

Who Are Helping

High-school student volunteers help your children work hard in the BrookEdge Academy community.

Either instructing on a screen or working offline, high-school students work hard. They have helped themselves and many other younger students to succeed. The goal is to bring the same success to your children. Their volunteerism makes the programs free.  

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Thank you !

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