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Volunteer to Grow

“Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another.”                                                                      --Emma Bombeck


You primarily work with little buddies in elementary schools. Seniority in grades is enough to start with.


Volunteer in a library meeting room near you or simply from home. Well, your choice.


"Train the trainers" when needed. You are 100% backed up before you begin

supporting others.


Community service is certified. Each year, you may be nominat-

ed for the Volunteer of the Year Award.

What our friends are saying about volunteering

An image of a bus stop

My volunteering journey so far...

Daphne Zhu (Canada)

Ashley Choi (Guatemala)

An image of a beautiful city park in summer

Why Would We Volunteer?

Min Ji Choi 


Volunteer positions for high school students

Hit an arrow for more detailed descriptions.

Image by Bryan Walker


Showcases the power of writing by good examples.

Dog Portrait


Instructs in a tutoring program of one subject. 

Image by Zdeněk Macháček

Writing Editor

Guards and improves the quality of our publications. 

Image by Silje Midtgård


Unleashes their creativity in artmaking or tutor art. 

Image by David Clode


Capsulates beauty and shares it with the world.

Couch Cat Under Blanket


Finish miscellaneous tasks to support BEA operations. 

Familiarize yourself with:

Click to read each document in full length. 

viewed as the infographic above illustrated. 

read and accepted. Ask questions, if any.

understood before you choose top interest(s).

checked for a better idea about how to volunteer.

Top Interests

selected to be placed into 1-3 volunteer groups. 

filled and submitted. Follow up, if applicable. 

 High-school Student Volunteers

Volunteer Services

Happy Student

I want to quickly check how many volunteer hours I have worked within the BEA community so far.

Student Portrait

I want to have my Volunteer Hours Report populated and/or signed off by a BEA Representative.

Image by Christopher Campbell

I want to try other types of volunteering work. Or I need to update my contact, etc. 

Image by Rochelle Nicole

I want to receive training to settle into the working environment or become a better version of myself.

Image by Yusron El Jihan

I want to establish an extra-curriculum activity club in my school and obtain warm support from the Academy.

High School Student

I want to nominate myself or a peer volunteer for the BEA Volunteer of the Year Award by Dec 31, 2023. 

Mountains in Clouds

Volunteer of the Year Award

Mr. Mark Sutcliffe, the Mayor of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, extended the Award (2022) to the following individuals.

Mr. Yanni Liu, the Principal of BrookEdge Academy, extended the Award (2021) to the following individuals.

Common Q&A for Applicants

Guidance for Writers

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