Volunteer to Grow


Agree with the BEA values.


Practice your leadership skills.


Work with smart cool people.

BEA Perks

When you volunteer, you are the

Role Model

the younger children look up to; and

the fellow volunteers want to follow.



Seniority in grades over younger children

is enough to

start with.


Volunteer from home or

in a library meeting

room  near you.

Your choice.


"Train the trainers" when needed. You are fully

supported before

you support.


Certified docu of volunteer hour available. Star

Volunteer nomi-

nation eligible.


Working with Younger Children

  • Homework supporter

  • English Reading Coach

  • English Writing Coach

  • General English tutor 

  • General French tutor

  • General Spanish tutor

  • Competitive Math tutor

  • General Math tutor

  • General Chinese tutor

  • Virtual classroom supervisor

  • Virtual party host

  • >>>

Audience's Grade neutral

Working with High Schoolers

  • Writing Editor

  • Traditional artist

  • Digital artist

  • Blog writer 

  • Photographer

  • Translator (from English)

  • >>>

  • STEM knowledge expert

  • SAT tutor

  • ACT tutor

  • Physics tutor

  • Chemistry tutor

  • Biology tutor

  • History tutor

  • Presentation coach

  • Business communication coach

  • Public speaking coach

  • Debate skills coach

  • Personal essay writing coach

  • >>>


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High-level Descriptions of the Opportunities


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Common Q&A for HSS Volunteer Applicants


Recruiting Now

English Tutors (5)

All filled. Early closed. 

French Tutors (7)


Mandarin Tutor (1)


Classroom Supervisors (3) 


Photographers (20)

Closing at Nov 30, 2021

Blog Writers (20)

Closing at Nov 30, 2021

Writing Editors (3)

Closing at Nov 30 , 2021

Art Teacher (1)

Filled. Early closed. 

It is great to BE good.
Greater to DO good.

High-School-Student  ("HSS") Volunteers 

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Non-HSS Volunteers

For New Applicants

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