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  • Karina Yue

Ode to the Chair

By Karina Yue
Posted on January 1, 2024
four Kelly Toys sitting on one chair
Cover Image Title: Luna, Fifi, Alfred, and Lucille in One Old Chair
Cover Image By: Christina Li
Classification: Photography
Specifications: 4032 px X 3024 px
Year: 2023

As the long day drains me down

and life’s burden shackle me so,

my one true love holds me

in an embrace like no other,

beyond what words can show.

Alas, my dear chair,

in moments of haze

with thoughts in disarray,

your support revives me,

relieving me from my stupor.

Although you remain mute,

I can feel your solace within,

for your presence brings understanding,

even in the silence, our bond shall never break.

Throughout time’s relentless trials

and nature’s hues ebb and flow,

from earthy splotches to a refreshing green,

our connection remains steadfast,

for our love shall not concede.

More than a seat, cradling my spirit

in your calm refuge

with your unwavering support.

In this mundane world, you shine,

my constant in an ever-changing world

amongst the shifting tides,

our love continues to grow, 

with support and guidance beyond compare.


The poem serves as a tribute to a common household item, the chair, which is often overlooked. The ode shines a spotlight on its symbolism and importance as it provides comfort and support. The chair is personified and elevated to add emotional depth, emphasizing its significance. Using repetition for the phrase “our love,” it highlights the unyielding connection between the writer (me) and the chair. Additionally, a contrast is created between the world and the shining presence of the chair to create a juxtaposition to further show its impact. The poem celebrates the constancy of this inanimate object and suggests that, in its silent presence, a profound and enduring connection is forged.

[The End]

[Writing Editor: J.Y.]


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