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  • Damien Anton Winsles

Laundry Lines of Life

By: Damien Anton Winsles
Posted on April 1, 2024
A laundry line with white clothing in a peaceful meadow with flowers.
Illustration Title: Laundry Lines of Life
Illustration by: Phuong
Medium: Digital
Size: 3,508 pixels x 2,480‬ pixels
Year: 2024

On a sunny day, clothes hanging tall,

Laundry lines of life, a tale to recall.

Just like shirts and sheets in the warm embrace,

Emotional baggage needs its own open space.

Letting go, like clothes on the line unfurl,

Vulnerability, like fabric, makes life swirl.

Cleansed by acceptance, in the sunshine's glow,

Airing out the heart, letting old wounds go.

Yesterday's memory, not a haunting ghost,

But a lesson learned, a story to boast.

In the mirror, see yourself anew,

Golden gardens of features, a reflection so true.

No more seeing through for hidden strife,

Demons laid to rest, embracing life.

Simply existing, just here and now,

Present like golden gardens on your brow.

Cutting ties with those who bring you down,

Not to your worth, but to a toxic frown.

Growth is shedding ties, toxic moments past,

Melatonin to the soul, a peace that will last.

Finally moving past it, a deep soul dive,

Mind, heart, and body, a world alive.

A reflection of you in the fading light,

Built from pieces you needed, a journey so right.

In the end, your word fades into you,

Mind, heart, and whole, a growth that's true.


“Laundry Lines of Life” is a poem that explores the similarities between hanging laundry on a sunny day and the journey of emotional growth and self-discovery. Using the image of airing out clothes and allowing them to be cleansed by the warmth of acceptance, the poem tells the importance of letting go and embracing vulnerability, in order to move forward. It celebrates the power of self-reflection and resilience, reminding us that through growth, we can emerge stronger, and more truly alive. 

[The End]


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