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  • N. Hue

Flick of the Wrist

By N. Hue
Posted on November 1, 2023
A girl talking with her diary
Cover Image Title: Conversation with My Diary
Cover Image by: Kaitlyn Q
Classification: Digital Art
Specifications: Resized from 3000 px X 3000 px
Year: 2023

These pages have come to a close

Like all things meant for goodness

These lines no more infinite

A definite tale once told

No longer a word I say


How much I’ve already said

In such a short amount

Of time

No more finite

Like this piece

Of mine

I wish you were here

For you were very dear

To me

A mind brought to rest

A hand brought to strife

Found meaning in the empty

Through filling up the blank spaces

You always gave me

But now

Time is a finished

Yet still

Your production is a given

Like how every hello

Comes with a bye

The good is found

In the memories we once shared

And the fact that finity

Means that you can always

Be replaced

By another

Once more


This piece touches on the effective process of journaling, specifically how one can become immersed when it is used as a means for self-expression and self-reflection. Until one reaches the end of their time with the pages, which can be devastating, one realizes eventually that the endless production of journals and other means of self-art can replace it.

[ * The End * ]

[ Writing Editor: An anonymous contributor. ]


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