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  • Kathy L

Five Dollars and Heartbreak

By Kathy L
Posted on February 1, 2024
a girl writing diary under a cherry tree
Cover Image Title: Diary
Cover Image by: Julianna Ma
Classification: Digital Art
Specifications: Resized from 2160 px X 1620 px
Year: 2024

As usual, I am sitting under 

The cherry blossom tree, 

And you come, smile like silver lining, 

And I feel my heart pump for the first time, 

Like the constant hum of the spring day.

And her name escapes your mouth, 

Lyrical and lilting, 

Flower petals floating in your eyes as you 

Describe her. 

I can see it clear as day: the clouds fleeting 

As they frame your face with 

Golden sunlight. 

How I envied her, 

For your love was an expanse of 

Words and syllables, 

That you breathed in love and breathed out joy. 

I cannot parallel you, 

Your beautiful voice, like a lullaby.

And so, once I finish, I hand you my heart, 

Words for your love, 

And with that, 

It’s five dollars, and a goodbye. 

As I watch you leave, 

I can feel that in your hands, my heart breaks. 


This poem was inspired by the imagery of cherry blossoms and a post I read about someone who wrote love poems for other people and charged them five dollars for each. Throughout this poem, there are a few similes and a metaphor about taking someone’s heart figuratively as to show how much heartbreak the narrator is going through, and comparing it to literally taking their heart away. The weird line cuts were utilized to add a sort of lyrical way to read it. I have known lots of people with unrequited love this way and was inspired by the many things that add up to breaking their hearts.

[The End]

[Writing Editor: Kimberly Nguyen]


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