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Enchanted Me

By crazyanaestheseologist
Posted on January 1, 2024
sunlight shining through a window on a yellow wall
Cover Image Title: Motivation
Cover Image by Kai
Classification: Photography
Specifications: 4000 px X 3000 px
Year: 2023
Location of Creation: Namangan

A flower in the middle of the pond, 

Leaves round, pink petals, well beyond, 

My reach, 

Each, movement endangering my life, 

Not that I cared, 

I was scared, every inch of me trembling, 


The tiniest details of this lotus, 

Staying focused 

To capture this remarkable view, 

Because who knew 

This could possibly exist?

A rare sight the morning after an eclipse, 

In another world, an underworld, 

Heard the wind my cries to change its direction, 

As I am trying to make an emotional connection, 

With this flower in freezing waters, 

Wondering how it blooms so brightly.

Each icy current was a dagger to the mind, body and soul, 

As I was told, by the other explorers

Before I jumped onto the sheet of ice. 

My eyes blinking rapidly due to the harsh snowfall, 

Hoping the trip wouldn’t end until I captured it all. I 

drew rapidly, a doodle worse than a five year old’s, 

But I’d done it. 

Soon the land beneath pulled me backwards, 

Cracking the sheet in half. 

All the receptors on my skin active, 

Resisting movement beneath my waist.

A massive, 

Surge of pain took over my mind, 

My vision blurry, technically blind.

As I used my core to climb, 

Keeping in mind that I needed to protect this sketch, 

Worth more than my life, 

I needed to fight. 

I thought

I’d done it. 

However, my fate was decided,

Nature’s decision conflicted 

With my desires. 

As death welcomed me with open arms, 

I was thrown down the waterfall, 

Along with the beauty, 

That enchanted me. 


“Enchanted Me” describes an image that popped into my mind, which is the idea of going after something you, as a person, are truly passionate about. In this case, I thought of scientific discoveries and would therefore like to dedicate this poem to the brave minds of our world today, who give up their lives in the name of innovation. This poem actualizes the moment when they have almost been able to capture the most unique moments or have solved one of the world’s most pressing problems, they give it their all and forget about the world around them. These heroes do not care whether they live or die; their passion takes precedence over their humanity.

[The End]

[Writing Editor: An anonymous contributor]


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