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  • Kimberly Nguyen


By Kimberly Nguyen
Posted on March 1, 2024
A gardening can watering edelweiss flowers before a grave
Illustration title: Passed on Love Through Flowers
Illustration by: Hazel Olivia
Medium: Digital
Size: Resized from 2021 pixels by 1415 pixels
Year: 2024

Keep my tombstone clean 

but don’t talk to me here 

Put my picture up at the altar 

But don’t talk to me here 

Bring me flowers at my funeral 

But know they will die 

Unlike my soul 

My memory 


I’m with Olivia

Talk to me in the trees

In the breeze 

Up to the grave, 

Your love expires 

Stop killing 

Innocent flowers 

By your remembrance

I bloom as an edelweis 

Cherish me 

Celebrate me 

Love me enough 

To extend 

My memory 


The grave 


“Edelweiss”, the poem is a reminder to those who have lost their loved ones; They are still there in memory, in your heart, everywhere you look. Their memory should not be bound within a tight coffin. This poem makes a reference to Olivia Rodrigo’s song, “Can’t Catch Me Now”. This song is about how even through separation and break up, she is still everywhere likewise to this poem, even through death, your loved ones are still out there.  This poem’s title, Edelweis, is inspired by the flower called Edelweiss, flower of immortality.  

[The End]


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