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  • Kathy L

Be Careful of Infatuation

By Kathy L
Posted on December 1, 2023
A girl receiving first-aid help
Cover Image Title: Beauty in Pains
Cover Image by: Tamilore Olat
Classification: Photography
Specifications: 3000 px X 2000 px
Year: 2022

“It’s just a crush,”

She chanted like a mantra,

And under her fingertips 

The crumpled papers of words, and confessions, 

Of tears and the promise of eternity 

Crushed under her heartbreak-

It’s just a crush! 

She feels her lips quiver, and sees his eyes,

His soul bound between the passage of 

Molten umber, 

His starry infinity, 

And she folds into herself.

His warmth she forever longed for, 

His voice, like the distant whisper of space, 

Cold and dark, warm and bright, 

All the same. 

He fades into darkness, 

The nebula of her heart slowly sinking. 

Please be me. 

And how she wishes, 

To feel the stars in his touch, 

To feel under her palms, the beating of his heart, 

His smile, only hers, 

His flaws, shared with her under a map of 

Crystal stars, 

And his worries, his joys, 

Just him, 

All she would orbit around. 

And, please, be me.

And she only wanted, selfishly, to be bonded 

With the universe called ‘him’, 

And please. 


“It’s just a crush.


This poem was inspired by feelings of people I’ve known, and the popular trope of unrequited love in media. In this poem, the main character’s love interest is compared to space, something that I feel is unreachable because we have not fully obtained all information on space. The only way to get there is if there is a sacrifice on our part; our time on Earth. The italicized “please[s]” further showcases her desperation, but as well as how much unrequited love hurts. Juxtaposition was also utilized to convey that despite him contrasting her ideals, he is still the same in her eyes - he is just him. At the same time, there is an underlying tone of denial as she continues to point out how shallow her love is for him, although it’s not. This poem is reminiscent of heartbreak, but also denial of how deep her feelings run for him due to her belief that she’s just crushing on him.

[ * The End * ]

[Writing Editor: Reese Walker]

[The Writing Editor's Notes:

This work effectively demonstrates the metaphor of love and obsession with the beautiful comparison of the universe to their beloved. With italicized words and repetition, it is easy to see how the author conveys the character's yearning and feelings of desperation. It leaves you wondering if the boy ever truly becomes more than just a crush to the main character...]


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