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  • Jenna Park

All For You

By Jenna Park
Posted on May 1, 2024
A sailor is stuck amidst roaring waves.
Illustration title: All For You
Illustration by: Phuong
Medium: Digital
Size: 2360 pixels x 1640 pixels
Location: California
Year: 2024

Like the moon needs the Sun,

I call for you.

Without your blazing light,

what ever would I do?

Your glory I share,

and were you to disappear,

I’d be all but a shadow,

Destined to follow.

Like the sailor loves the Ocean,

I adore you.

The life of a sailor entails

worshipping the rich blue trails,

Loving the vengeful waves and stormy nights

On mystery and adrenaline I thrive,

Wondering if the Ocean can be mine?

The Ocean will shatter the sailor’s heart,

No call for second guesses or regret,

For its crashing currents teem with life,

With no room for love.

And the Sun would concede the moon,

No questions asked!

For the Sun is splendid, luminescent,

Feeling not a shred of loss.


This poem is about one-sided love, whether that be in friendships, relationships, or some other personal connection. The first two stanzas illustrate how the character invests all of their self-worth and value in another person and how dangerous this is because it leads them to constantly look to that one person for validation and love. With the last two stanzas, these eight lines emphasize that this character will not hesitate to discard another because they are already content with themselves; the Sun and the Ocean are already magnificent. This poem was written to convey that one should seek to love and define themselves and not rely on anyone else.

[The Writing Editor's Notes:

As a society, we have always had a focus on love but there is not a bright enough spotlight on how to love. The message of the poem "All for you" promotes a healthy kind of love: the kind where you can love without losing sight of who you are and your self worth. Although this kind of love is the expectation we all know, "All for you" also provides for us a reminder that there are self destructive and unhealthy love out there as well which emphasizes the need for self love and care first. ]

[Writing Editor: Kimberly Nguyễn]

[The End]


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