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  • Alveera Siddiquie


By Alveera Siddiquie
Posted on November 1, 2023
A pine tree
Cover Image Title: Evergreen
Cover Image by: Alice
Classification: Photography
Specifications: 3,264 px X 2,448‬ px
Year: 2022

The day a child is born, the world sings.

The day a new life enters, the air celebrates.

Every time an infant takes their first breath, the trees breathe a sigh of relief.


Why does the sun shine brighter than ever when it feels a new soul form?

Why does the moon appear more beautiful, more incandescent the night that it feels another small body survive and make it?


The answer is that a child stands for hope. Lives for hope. Fights for hope.

What can save our world except hope?

Nobody is going to pay for the sins of our ancestors.

Nobody is going to be held accountable for the forests destroyed and the rivers polluted.

But maybe… just maybe. We can change.

Maybe the next generation will be better, the flowers say.

Maybe they will care more, the soil speaks.

So this is why they celebrate.

This is why the wind dances, the stars twinkle and the clouds smile.

A new soul means newfound hope.

Hope for a better world.

Hope for a dream that the children will ensure turns into reality.


This poem, “Hope,” portrays how children have huge potential to be the change the world needs. It talks about how, even though things may seem hopeless at the moment, there will always be a new beginning and a chance to make a change. Just like the cycle of life continues, there is no end to hope and similarly, as a new child is born, we can remake our world if we wish to do so. The new generation will not repeat the mistakes of the previous ones and will learn from them instead, healing our planet and humanity as a whole.

[ * The End * ]

[ Writing Editor: Kimberly Nguyen ]

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