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  • Reese Walker

To Fall Is to Fly

By Reese Walker
Posted on April 1, 2023
Cover Image Title: On Wings of Wind
Cover Image by: Matthew Horack
Classification: Traditional media
Specifications: Pencil crayons, 10 in x 14 in
Year: 2023

I am scared to fly / because of the fall / They say the sky's the limit / but what if it’s only a checkpoint / We can soar to infinity / and beyond / visit the planets / of the milky way / yet we limit ourselves / to jumping / for something / only out of reach / because we let gravity hold us / down / What if I go skydiving / let myself fall / learn to enjoy to the view on the way / down / before I am back on land / back on my feet / back in my reality / After the sun sets / the night is sprinkled with stars / of our dreams / Why do we only let ourselves / see the constellations / when our eyes are closed? / We only let ourselves rise / with the sun / to know when we will / fall again / So / around and around / we go / around the sun / around the moon / living in a moment / that never ends / but never truly begins / What if I am the sun / but I let my life rotate around me / spinning so fast / that I cannot see which way is forward / So I take a step / expecting to / drop / into the oblivion underneath me / and I am / falling / once again / wings sprout from my back / they suspend me in the wind / while the Earth / looms beneath me / For once / I am not afraid to fall /


Courage is challenging for most; taking risks requires a brave leap of faith. The poem speaks about taking risks, the leap of faith, and overcoming a fear of failure. You can try to live only through your imagination, but why not open your eyes, and live your daydreams? Sometimes, you have to get it wrong, to get it right; you will never know if you’d have succeeded if you don’t try.

[ * The End * ]

The Editor's Notes:

This poem encourages readers to uncover their full potential. To graze the sky is minimal to the solar system beyond where our true potential really lays. All we need to do is a step, afraid or not, ready for our wings. - Writing Editor: Kimberly Nguyen

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