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The Willow of Woods

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

By: Itxch
Posted on: September 25, 2022
Cover Image title: The Weeping Tree
Cover Image by: Anonymous
Classification: Photography
Year: 2022

The Willow of Woods So Long and Stuffy

Travels Through Trees and Leaves O'Plenty

As the Brumy Brog Covered its Tracks, It Hunts and Grunts Looking for Snacks

Spirit-like aura

as it finally strikes

Scent-Filled Flora is what it likes

No one to hear

as it Roams and Groans

It slithers through stones with its lack of bones

Bunny ears and a Koala Face No other being

shall take its place

The Willows fear is Human Tears

It observes, then absorbs desolation's reign


The Willow of Woods was written during a summer in which I got really interested in fiction. I knew that I had the ability to write something a little more fun and playful, something that maybe a child could enjoy. This poem was me experimenting with not only that, but also with different literary devices. The most apparent one you can see is the alliteration. I just found that it added a lot more character to the story I wanted to take the reader through. This also later served as a building block for the world of the Snow Angel, serving as a character guide for one of the creatures of Glæsmia. The Willow of Woods lives in the woods of the forgotten in the story Snow Angel (a novel I’m planning on writing) and is just as described. It will play an important role in a chapter of the book.

* The End *

[Writing Editor: Catherine]


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