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  • Arya Varma

The Red Hatter

By Arya Varma
Posted on December 1, 2023
A hatter walking by with a lot of things gushing out of his mad hat
Cover Image Title: A Mad Hatter
Cover Image by: Meiliyl
Classification: Digital Art
Specifications: 2204 px X 1377 px
Year: 2023

Is it sunlight streaming through the blinds? 

Downstairs, a breakfast we must find, 

All quiet coffee and not-straight lines 

The prettiness of pretty minds, 

Show me your palms and I’ll divine 

If a stitch in time indeed saves nine.

I find it easier at times 

To think in verse and dream in rhymes 

Each letter on the creeping vine 

Paints pictures, which all intertwine

Of pretty girls with pretty eyes 

And sages young and sages wise, 

And pretty boys who sing me lies 

“The hat is full,” the crow surmised. 

A conversation worth but a dime 

But a penny more would be sublime, 

A salad with some extra lime

And Valentines that feel like crimes 

It’s just a small molehill to climb 

A tortoise race, all in good time 

Some mint to complement the thyme. 


A Mad Hatter-esque piece, the poem focuses more on celebrating the versatility and possibility of poetry. The consistent rhyme scheme and playful nature of it highlight a light and whimsical mood as opposed to portraying a consistent message.

[ * The End * ]

[Writing Editor: Ananya Shah]


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