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  • Mahra Aldhaheri

The Nature of Love

By Mahra Aldhaheri
Posted on October 1, 2023
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Year: 2023

Love is complex; it’s hard to explain,

It can be romantic or platonic,

It's a beautiful disaster, this feeling we hold,

It can fix us up, or destroy us whole.

Love can cure us, or harm us too,

It can uplift and break us, all on a whim,

But still, we love, we yearn and crave,

For the feeling that has the power to save.

To me, love is family; it's infinite and pure,

It's the sound of my sisters, my mother's touch so sure,

It's the company of beautiful souls, and being at ease,

Without the need to talk or touch, just to be at peace.

Some may not be capable, of this feeling so grand,

And that's a shame, they'll never understand,

The love of a mother, sister, or best friend,

The love of a lover, or oneself to the end.

Love is complicated; it's hard to understand,

But the feeling is worth it when we hold it in our hands,

It can be a force for good or a force for ill,

But we all need love, to fulfill.


As I wrote this poem, I reflected on the love I received growing up, the love I experienced, and how love itself can take many different forms. This poem explores how love can be life-changing yet tragic. One thing I wanted to emphasize is that love is generally known to be romantic, but in reality, it's not. This line was inspired by a real-life experience. For me, my best friend is my ultimate platonic soulmate, and I truly love her. I experienced a different type of love which was rare- the kind of love that is only heard of but known to be fake. This feeling was indescribable. It’s the true feeling of fondness that’s shared through a rare connection between human beings where love can be found. Through this poem, I wanted to share the experience of love through its various forms and its power to impact our lives.

[ * The End * ]

[Writing Editor: Kimberley Nguyen]


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