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By Kimberly
Posted on March 1, 2023
Cover Image Title: February
Cover Image by: Andrew Ro
Classification: Photography
Specification: resized from 4,032 x 3,024‬, Canon 200D
Year: 2023

A man lives in solitude on the moon

And he is content

His body functions

And he is grateful

His fingers strum the four strings of a guitar

And he is put at ease

His eyes count stars to make up for the lack of sheep

And he falls asleep

His reflection smiles back and cries with him

And he finds a friend in himself

His legs allow him the ability to jump

And he defies gravity

He is content because lives in solitude on the moon


This poem is about perspectives by taking an imaginary example of a man being on the moon. If a man were born and lived on the moon, he would be unaware of what he is “missing out” on. He is alone there with himself, and the means to survive are surly enough because he does not know another life that holds the privileges of designer items, beaches, leg warmers, technology, etc. Solitude is to live alone without feeling lonely. We often try to seek that today. Let’s say one or more privileges are cut off, and we would still function, learn, or feel, or even in a better way. We can afford that “loss” because we can find solitude and happiness inside.

[ * The End * ]

Editor's Notes:

Among many beauties, the idea of this poem strikes readers the most: to intentionally give up some desires driven by materialism and keep a balance between sustenance and solitude. - Writing Editor: J.Y.


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