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  • Reese Walker

Pages of a New World

By: Reese Walker
Posted on: October 30, 2022
Cover Image title: Pages of a New World
Cover Image by: Gabrielle Dela Cueva
Media: Digital
Year: 2022

Books line my shelves, / one day / will the lines / I write / fill up the broken parts / of my readers?

Can I write / enough pages / to fill a book, / to create a story / that speaks / my mind, / my heart, / my soul,

even though I am cracked? / The shards fit together / if you / can solve the puzzle,

the pieces / of so many colours: / a masterpiece / pulled apart.

Can a broken heart / fix another, / to create a story / that is alive?

When the pages flip, / the first chapter / is the staircase / to a new world / filled with one’s imagination.

Characters bring you / on a journey of / adventure, / fantasy, / mystery, / romance / and magic. The spells cast / so you forget / you’re curled up / in your bed / with a book.

You memorize / the colours of the plot / drawn for you. / The art / of a story / is a home / for any and all, / when the other side

is a storm of confusion, / thundering with loss. / A rain of reality / drips down your window / but the book is an umbrella

and under it / you see everything.

To read is to / love, / and to dream / through the words / on a page



This is a story about becoming alive in the pages that you read and being able to share this with others. Writing is the power to create a story for others to love and live in. No story is ever perfect, but they are all beautiful. Any good book is a "whole new world" to escape into and live in, even just for a moment. The best part of the poem is not found in a single line but it is the heartfelt message that the author shows their readers and how they may find their own world in this poem.

* The End *


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