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  • Karina Yue

Nature Radiance

By Karina Yue
Posted on January 1, 2024
Green trees lining up a winding path with people and dogs walking on it
Cover image title: Strolls in Nature
Cover image by Tamilore Olat
Classification: Photography
Specifications: Resized from 2000 px X 3000 px
Year: 2022

wet around the edges

a mountain begins its ascendance

a hint of dew advances

up the road it reaches

through mist-kissed heights is

a venture proud and bold

for each step taken,

a great story that is still untold

a rise of sunny blues as the sun radiates

something unfolds within the morning hue

a burst of light illuminates

like a trail of glistening gold strew

upon the mountain's rugged face,

a tapestry of life takes place-

each rock, each tree, a testament,

to nature's strength and firmament

murmurs of boundless dreams

for hope holds fast as if

each moment a fleeting fantasy

throughout time’s relentless trials

and nature’s hues ebb and flow,

from earthy splotches to a refreshing green

as the mountain grows

and stretches far and wide

nature’s grace in every crevice

a symphony of life


The poem draws inspiration from the natural world, highlighting the different aspects that humanity has overlooked. A sense of exploration and discovery is created from the dazzling sun to beautiful greenery. Using a loose rhyme scene, a more natural flow is created to mirror the theme of nature effectively. Overall, the poem reflects on a metaphorical journey of resilience, beauty, and grace amidst the trials of time.

[The End]

[Writing Editor: An anonymous contributor]


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