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  • Kimberly Nguyen

Look Up

By Kimberly Nguyen
Posted on October 1, 2023
Cover Image Title: Look Up
Cover Image by: Alice
Classification: Photography
Specifications: 2448 x 3264 pixels, 72 dpi
Year: 2022

Look up

If I were the moon,

I’d follow you day and night

I would become

your light,

your anchor

your reminder to lift your head up

to remind you that there is bigger out there

My stars twinkle for you as you dance alone

You never have to question if I’m here because you know I’ll never leave

To the moon and back


This poem is a love letter to those reading it;​​ there are people or one person out there who loves you. They’ll cheer for you, adore you, support you, catch you when you fall even when you can’t see them. Love is all around us and there is no shortage of people.

[ * The End * ]

[Writing Editor: An anonymous contributor]


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