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  • Julie


By Julie
Posted on September 1, 2023
Cover Image Title: Busy Bees
Cover Image by Alice
Classification: Digital
Specifications: Resized from 2000 pixels x 2000 pixels
Year: 2023

People swarming like bees in hives

Hoarding precious memories of their lives

Flitting about their beloved time square

Packed altogether, drowning in air.

A superficial window would reveal

Perfect memories, successful business deals

As if they knew you’d go poking around,

They keep their best attributes above ground.

Deeper talks to get deeper in mind

With many words of intentions most kind

With a stroke of luck, a four leaf clover

They’ll let your curiosity take over.

Diving far below where not many dare to go

The thoughts here follow an untamed flow

Nay, not the best of the best exist

Only angry thoughts, a chaotic mist.

If you dare even venture farther

These thoughts far below burn brighter, hotter

With melancholy clouds, claustrophobic ceiling

Memories here, made crying and screaming.

Residual memories from long ago in time

Past lives, past loves, thoughts bitter as limes

Minds keep these memories buried

Depressing tears, an unnamed untamed flurry.

Things found here cause occasional breaks

Wondering about past mistakes

Wondering, why do other eyes look down?

Combing through memories deep underground.

Nothing found, creating deep unrest

Horrible feelings settling in their chest

Things that keep them up at night

Huddled up in their covers so tight.

You may emerge, eyes filled with tears

Newfound vengeance and newfound fears

However, you will find better understanding

Of their brain’s scars and brandings.

If you peer into their eyes, I hope you see

Their hopes, failures, flaws and dreams

Use this understanding of them to inspire

May your love for them burn a bright fire.


My inspiration for this poem was how everybody has multiple layers and facets to their beings. I love thinking about each person’s personality traits as ingredients that set them aside from everybody else. Memories, experiences, feelings, all account for the person who we are each day. Imagery, Descriptive Language, Simile, Metaphor, and Alliteration are some of the writing techniques used in the poem. I wrote this poem when I was in Grade Nine for my final project in my English class with my favorite teacher of all time. It’s the best one I’ve ever made so far. I hope whoever reads this enjoys it.

[ * The End * ]

[Writing Editor: An anonymous contributor]


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