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  • G. Zhou


Updated: Oct 31, 2022

By: G. Zhou
Posted on: October 30, 2022
Cover image title: Little Sister
Cover image by: C. Sala
Classification: Photography
Year: 2022

Once her spirit was woven gold, shining, shimmering light,

A gleaming beacon that infiltrated even the dead of night.

Souls plagued with rust became lustrous and burnished,

Her words healed their marred hearts, spoken in earnest.

Soon they flocked to her like moths to a flame,

Desperately searching for a world where no one assigned blame.

Asking her how to forgive,

How to fight,

How to love,

How to live.

And she answered with what she could,

Offering knowledge that they never understood.

For though they asked, they did not listen;

Their only light left were the tears which glistened.

Born was a world of blinded anger

Which never stopped once to thank her,

For all she had done and all she had tried-

Giving her everything but losing to the world’s pride.

So no one saw when the unfailing smile wavered

Or when those crimson painted lips quavered

It was only till the glimmering metal rusted over

When they recognized the compassion that drove her

Once a lost treasure was tossed into the turbulent sea

Simply searching for a reason to live, a reason to be

But life steals perfection from the divine

And the gold that was once bright no longer shines.


The poem Innocence details an unknown character which represents the idea of naivete throughout the poem. As life goes on, different factors slowly impact ‘Innocence’ until it loses the ‘brightness’ and ‘shine’ that it once retained. The poem contains figurative language, such as the metaphor comparing life to a ‘turbulent sea’; it also symbolizes the journey through adulthood and the obstacles that may arise.

* The End *

[Writing Editor: Catherine]


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