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  • Larissa M.

I Tell to Lock Away

By Larissa M.
Posted on October 1, 2023
Cover Image Title: Dollhouse and Chess
Cover Image by Breana Kirby
Classification: Digital
Specifications: Resized from 3273 pixels x 2822 pixels
Year: 2023

When it was all gone, I stood alone in the rubble

Only fair, I’m no longer worth the trouble

The grass is still green in our kingdom, faraway

But you drown the soul in your cloud of gray

A shell of you I set free to roam,

But you run back to my heart- your home

For I will sing songs until the break of dawn

Don’t lend your ears to my siren call

I’m used to playing kings and queens; I thought you were just a pawn

I played chess, but you played a house of dolls

A fortress you made of your heart

Tried to make me play a part

When you made me a ghost and let me walk through walls

Within- roses hiding thorns sprawl

Will you say it isn’t fair?

Bleed it to nothing, aches to dare

Small steps add up to too many miles

Tale as old as time, blame the feminine wiles

I must’ve tripped on the stairs and fallen

The wind blew and you had me crawling

It’s dark; it’s so cold

In the end, you had me fooled

Still, I wish that those cuts on your finger

If beneath the cruel surface melodies still linger

Strums an aching harmony

Eyes blurred, leave me in reverie

If the grass stays green, is it silly to think

Your heart can be my home once again?


When love ends, everything seems to come crashing down: we are left wondering how we got here in the first place, our hearts pour out like rain flooding, but we cannot catch the individual droplets nor distinguish each feeling or thought. This poem is about denial when faced with heartbreak, the persistent pains that still linger inside, and glimmers of hope that remain ahead.

[ * The End 8 ]

[Writing Editor: Kimberly Nguyen]


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