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  • Reese Walker

House of Thoughts

By Reese Walker
Posted on January 28, 2023
Cover Image Title: House of Thoughts
Cover Image by: Kaitlyn Hsieh
Classification: Digital Art
Specifications: Resized from its original Size of 3,600 x 2,800‬
Year: 2023

In the corner,

is a lamp

that flickers in the dark.

A river of words

flows through the door,

a person sits in

the sinking lifeboat.

There is no cry for help,

water fills to the ceiling.

The lightbulb goes out,

now, words and darkness

flood the house.

The window is open,

the letters seep into the streets;

the pages aren’t enough

to hold the endless ink.

A flood takes over the town,

there is no longer any people,

just the words they couldn’t swallow.

“I love you.”


Our minds are like our homes, they hold thoughts that come and go. Some houses are mansions, some are like sheds and others are in need of repair. This poem takes place in the mind (home) of someone whose thoughts flood their brain. The flickering light is the love others have for them, but they push it away because they believe the person is lying. They are the person sinking in the lifeboat, while the words (their thoughts) overflow and take over.

[ * The End * ]


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