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  • Ava Qi

Don't Forget about Spring

By Ava Qi
Posted on May 1, 2023
Cover Image Title: Busy Bee
Cover Image by: Alice
Classification: Photography
Specifications: Resized from 3,000 x 1,873
Year: 2023

Sunny smiles and blue skies

Swimming in warm lit seas

Reminds us of the Start

Summer season

Steals the sun

They waited all year

To strip off long sleeves

Flashing their shades

Flipping their flops

Stomping, sliding, loving above

Remnants of conspiring spring

No memories to catch

Save butterflies for supper

Oh tasted by zero

Spring is a snack

Let time fly and flow

So fish swim down

And butter flies sky high

Silly spring value oh zero

Slightly Better than winter-

But not for lovers of below zero

Older than winter but still

Humbled by little kin

Silly spring

Silly spring

Basic like a daisy

Grossly mediocre

like room temp water

Stage for the crazy stars

Far from easy, how does fall pull it off?

With her crunchy golden leaves

Warm, apple crisp breeze

Around the corner of the club

Easter eavesdrops to faint grooves

As autumn automates the tunes

As summer spins smooth

As winter whirls and woos

Silly spring

Sings along, springs alone


What’s your favorite season? Summer? Winter? Are you that indie, fall-loving rascal? Or maybe you’re the flying pig who answers, SPRING. It could be climate change tricking me or finally living in a place that has spring, but I have come to appreciate it… Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean it’s my favorite season because the truth is, I love all four equally. Call me a radical centrist, but I see the importance of every season: not getting sick of sun or snow 24/7 and making watermelon or potato leek soup that much more special.

[ * The End * ]

[Writing Editor: Without saying it directly, the poem invites the readers into the comfort, value, and uniqueness of the season - most important of all, happiness! Enjoy all the joys that Spring brings! - J.Y.]


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