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  • Grace Zhou

Dear Ocean

By: Grace Zhou
Posted on: July 31, 2022
Cover Picture by: Julia Reyes
Classification: Photography
Year: 2022

The ocean lungs breathe a tale

What could have been a tale of

A massive, turquoise expanse

Ominous, yet majestic

But it has become a tale of waste

A tale of an ailing sea

Shuddering in its own slick

Gasping and wheezing

As styrofoam and polyethylene penetrates it

Churning and gnashing its teeth

At the filth and destruction soaking deep into its inner

It seethes and longs

For the ocean it was once before

A vast, pristine blanket

Glistening with infinite droplets of sapphire and azure

It is only but a distant memory

For it has become a bottomless, plasticine landscape

Saran-wrapped ocean waves

Screeching plastic bottle seagulls

Styrofoaming wind

How could the ocean ever forgive us?

How could it even bear the destruction we have caused?

How do we not understand that we are at fault?

Look up - even for a moment

Reach out your hand

Save the ocean that calls out every day


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