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  • Arya Utsa Varma

A Saga Timeless

By Arya Utsa Varma
Posted on August 1, 2023
Cover Image Title: Flying Dreams
Cover Image by: Mirai Matsui
Classification: Photography
Specifications: 2284 x 1974 pixels, 72 dpi
Year: 2023

Justice sweet, oh justice sour,

A bloody clock ticks down the hours

Which we live - and those far gone

Will find no comfort passing on,

To leave a drifting world so sheer

That deafens ears to songs of fear.

So say your prayers to gods of old,

Their judge’s gavel strikes so cold

On shoulders of the ones who dare

To walk our streets and breathe our air,

The jury sings the gallows’ song

Where only innocents belong,

And laugh at those who dare to look

Upon the burning of the book.

Stone statues great who we behold

Dark sagas sung, dark stories told

To those we wish to turn the tide;

Yet first to fire is first to hide.

And as the raven Rue does fly

She sings to all her warning cry

For the air is thick with blood and smoke,

Where eyes are closed as virtues choke.

We have history, you and I,

So tell me now, and tell me why

Our fight goes on, our blood is shed

Until the earth is stained a deep red?

My crown is such a price to pay

It shall be mine until the day

When fields bear flowers and not the slain,

Should we break free from chains of pain.

Yet such a time has never come-

The sweetest thing to be is numb

In a world we taint with death

And cruelty with every breath;

My depraved wish, my throne of vanity

Is but the curse of Humanity.


In today’s world, prevalent issues like racism, police brutality, religious separatism, and a great many more cause several communities of people to face undue discrimination. This often appears as unjust legal treatment, hate crimes, and social biases; all of which are largely perpetuated by those with privilege. A Saga Timeless speaks about how human greed, vanity, and shortsightedness often lead to injustice and harm, in a world where the underserved are forced to live under the boot of the elite. This piece also deals with the complexity of human nature and desire for power in contrast with an altruistic ideal.

[ * The End * ]

[Writing Editor: Kimberly Nguyen]


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