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  • Reese Walker

A Love Story’s Shipwreck

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

By: Reese Walker
Posted on: September 25, 2022
Cover Image title: Shakespeare
Cover Image by: wenxi cui
Media: Acrylic on cardboard, 35 cm x 28 cm
Year: 2022

Speak to me / like I am / the mirror / staring at you, / awaiting directions / to follow / your lead. / Call me / when stars decorate / your window. / Open the curtains / and expect / to see me / beneath your balcony / calling your name. / O you can be / my Romeo / and I / your Juliet. / Will it end in tragedy? / The sea dividing us / is boundless, / but our love / is a boat. / The waves crash / against the wood, / yet you catch me / before the water does. / Let the storms rain down / on us. / As long as I have / you, / I need no other lifesaver. / Thunder cracks my heart / when you fall off / head first / into the ocean / of the unknown, / leaving me / without a word, / without a goodbye. / The sail flies / despite the wind / crying for it to stop. / The waves creep onto the deck, / I let them; / this story / was written / long ago. / But is this how it ends? / Or is it merely a chapter, / and Shakespeare / wrote us a comedy instead? / When the tempest washes away / my grief / and the ship wrecks upon the shore, / your figure emerges / from the water. / You hold me in your arms, / saving me from drowning / in my darkest hour, / when I was without you.


Based on Shakespeare's many tragedies and comedies, two lovers (Romeo and Juliet) go through hardship yet can make it out alive because they have each other. Their relationship is like a boat; it rocks and floats - even when one person dives off, the pair find each other again because their love is as deep as the sea.

* The End *

[Writing Editor: Daniela Sardo]

[Art Advisor: Maghan Z]


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