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  • Reese Walker

A Blank Page

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

By: Reese Walker
Posted on: May 9, 2022
Cover Image: God of Sunlight and Music
Cover Image Artwork by: Ashley Choi
Medium: watercolor, pencil
Classification: Painting

As they say,

“once upon a time,”

there was a girl,

or rather,

a writer.

In her dreams,

words danced

creating constellations

in the night sky.

She brought to life

the fallen fantasies

of the world around her:

A war,

between kingdoms.

A curse,

amongst the nation.

Only the fated hero

can save them all.

An untamed power,

hidden for far too long,

soon comes to light

in the shadows.

Can the pen set to paper

fill the void,

with more than

empty echoes of ink?

The pencil is her sword

to wage into battle.

She rides upon her horse,

fiercer than any soldier

who may deem her unworthy.

Imagination is her armor,

deflecting the onslaught

of arrows from foes.

As the pages flip,

the chapter is over

as is the battle.

The book never finished,

and peace not yet found.

The girl,

the writer,

longs for more

than words on paper.

She wishes for her stories

to spring to life;

to feel the surge of battle

with her pen at her side.

If dragons

and fairies,


and enemies

do not exist in her world,

she must forge her own.

Her pencil draws

a portal to the tales

of her daydreams.

She lives through

her characters,

giving them everything,

that she may never have.

Day and night,

the writer spends her time

before a blank page,

while reality fades away.

When the moon is risen

and the stars

fill the cosmos;

her ideas pour

through her,

as water flows

from the mountain

to the sea.

Her story

is a home

for her mind,

when her thoughts

become restless

and when her

eyes are shut.

She is the artist,

her brush upon

the white canvas,

words adding colour

with every stroke.

Her story

is her muse,

and she is Apollo,

plucking the strings

on her lyre.

She weaves words

through her fingers,

the lines intertwining

to form a tapestry.

If I am the girl,

if I am the writer.

And you are the reader,

the one behind this page.

I have but one question:

When is the story now over?

Description: This poem represents how it feels to write, but feel secluded from the world of magic that one creates with words. Every story starts with a “once upon a time”, but when does a story truly end? Is it with the last line? Or when the story is forgotten from the face of the Earth? We all carry the stories we read with us. Once we write, we take inspiration from the fairy tales we love, and bring them to life. Stanza 2-3, is about a book she wishes to write, a story of a world torn from power, yet filled with fantasy. The third stanza talks of filling your heart, the “void” we all carry, with words that have a true meaning to us, and others. In the second last stanza, the Greek god Apollo is referenced, he is the god of poetry but also music, his symbol is an instrument, the lyre. The act of writing is often compared to a battle, taking up your weapon to attack the enemy, or rather to use your pencil to write. The girl talks of living her fantasies through characters, she writes the stories she loves and those she wants to live in real life.


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