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  • Nikhil Majumder-Singh


Updated: Dec 1, 2023

By Nikhil Majumder-Singh
Posted on November 2, 2023
A goddess reordering the cosmos
Cover Image Title: Reordering the Cosmos
Cover Image by: zathan
Classification: Digital Art
Specifications: 2400 px X 3200 px
Year: 2023

On wings it flies, guiding us through our lives

The varying hours passing by

The minutes spent in our life

All controlled by time

Continuing forever, in an endless pace

Dashing through the desolation, of a now endless space

And on and on, forever, the pattern unfolds

Throughout different humanities, through new and old molds

It slays civilisations, but continues creations

It evolves generations, but deconstructs nations

We look upwards, gazing into the sky

At those resplendent stars, that’ll be gone in time

Time is something that we cannot understand

It moves along life with a swipe of its hand

And along we go with it, along down the line

Our entire world, sitting in the palm of time


This poem displays the beauty and desolation of time itself, as many things can be created or destroyed as the course of time wears on. It refers to time as more of a living thing which can control many aspects of humanity, and in a sense, it is, as it allows us to showcase the essence of time in a different light and look at it from a more metaphorical manner. Time displays the various events that time can make possible and takes a less literal approach to something that is so mysterious yet so well known.

[ * The End * ]

[ Writing Editor: Kimberly Nguyen ]


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