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  • Reese Walker

The Artists

By Reese Walker
Posted on December 1, 2023
A long-haired siren sitting on a rock and singing to the ships under the Moon
Cover Image Title: The Siren
Cover Image by Jocelyn Vasquez Camey
Classification: Traditional media, watercolor and gouache
Specifications: 7 in X 10 in
Year: 2023

The singer is a siren in the seas,

She envies the one who holds a pen;

Though her voice captures hearts with ease,

She’d rather her words on paper, than in the ears of men.

The writer wakes up with a book in hand,

She sips on coffee, and her pen is a sword.

As a king of tales, she wishes to paint a magical land,

Easier to make on a canvas, but paper is her ward. 

The painter lives in the gardens, admiring every flower,

Drawing petals as they fall; her brush sculpts a wonder.

She aims for the art in song, to sing outside of the shower;

Her canvas is rich as wine, but she wants a voice like thunder.


This poem, called “The Artists,” follows an ABAB rhyme scheme for each individual stanza. This piece aims to capture the envy that each artist possesses of other artists’ crafts, even when excelling in their respective field. The singer wants to be like the writer, the writer wishes to be like the painter, and the painter longs to be like the singer. We all want what we can’t have, so while you may be jealous of someone else, remember they might be jealous of you too.

[ The End * ]

[Writing Editor: J.Y.]


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