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  • H. R.

My Path

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

By: H. R.
Last Updated on: November 28, 2021

If you take the path to mars,

Then you’ll end up in the stars.

If you drive the coast on vacation,

Then you’ll end up at a different destination.

If you sail a ship across the sea,

Then you’ll end up in another country.

You start where you start,

And you end where you end.

The choices and journeys…

It all depends.

No matter the outcome,

No matter the miles,

Everything works out,

And in the end everyone smiles.

Poem Description:

Everyone makes choices in life and goes down a certain path in hopes of a certain outcome. This is true for school careers, job careers, relationships and aspirations. Individuals may not always stay on the same path, or their path may lead them to an unexpected outcome. This is not negative. A different outcome can be just as good, even though it may not be what was planned for. For example, someone could plan to become a doctor and go to school to accomplish that goal. Along the way this person could change their mind and become an artist instead. This doesn’t mean that they failed, they just changed their path. No matter where life takes you, any path and any outcome is wonderful.


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