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  • Paul Shannon

Memory Lane

By Paul Shannon
Posted on April 1, 2023
Cover Image Title: Vintage TV
Cover Image by: Gabrielle
Classification: Digital, resized from 2248 x 1544.
Year: 2023

oh, I had such a fright,

I closed my eyes so very tight;

I didn’t move or make a sound,

I thought I'd always be stuck right there, underground

but then you took my hand,

and led me down memory lane;

there, all my past was waiting,

followed by the future we were creating

I saw it all once more, and then again,

all the good and all the bad, my once-personal pen;

I looked down upon it all,

I realized my troubles were oh, so small

and in that moment, as I stood and stared,

I knew that all my life I had been prepared

for something greater, yes, something true,

both a purpose and a destiny, for both me and you.


This poem, "Memory Lane," revolves around the power of using reflection and revisiting the past to gain helpful perspectives on current struggles. The speaker expresses their initial fear and feeling of being trapped as a result of their internal conflict in relation to a potentially traumatizing memory, but this changes as they are led by someone they trust through the process of confrontation. Through this journey, the speaker comes to understand that the struggles they face are trivial compared to the greater purpose they are meant to fulfill. The poem ends with the speaker realizing that the bad experiences, though difficult, are also a part of the journey and necessary for personal growth and understanding. The poem is a reminder of the importance of reflection and how it can help one to gain perspectives on current struggles and understand their purpose in life.

[ * The End * ]


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