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  • Madison A. Boykin

A Cupid's Bow

By Madison A. Boykin
Posted on March 1, 2024
Cupid draws his bow, getting ready to fire into the sky
Illustration Title: Cupid
Illustration by: Julianna Ma
Medium: Digital
Size: resized from 2160 pixels x 1620 pixels
Year: 2024

Lovers exchange words of praise and adore. 

Angels harp sweet melodies strung from their heartstrings.

The sweetness of heart-shaped chocolates and roses infuse the air.

It’s truly magnificent, 

A fascinating scene.

Lovers so cheerful.

Coordinated together not by fate,

But  angel alone,

The angel of love.

With fond messages and devoted melodies,

Cupid is truly the #1 matchmaker. 

A pristine set of coordination,

Dexterity like light,

And accuracy with his two bows on one arrow. 

He flaps up silently behind his pair with one swift motion,

Pinches the feathered arrow end and tugs the arrows in aim.






A heart is struck after a silent motion of an arrow.

Two collided, fated on this day.

Cupid has done his job again,

On Valentines day. 


“A Cupid’s Bow” is a poem that walks the reader through the magic of Valentine's day. It entails love, affection, and is a sweet representation of the beloved day in February.

[The End]

[Writing Editor: Kimberly Nguyen]

[The Writing Editor's Notes:

Love is complex and nuanced and sometimes its weight is too heavy to carry. Bringing back the story of Cupid's work every Valentine's day is a refreshing way to think about love. This poem is fun, light, and creative.]


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