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  • Arya Varma

Sensational Sonnets

By Arya Varma
Posted on July 1, 2023
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Let’s dive into the writing world, you and I,

And take a glimpse at a common form;

The sonnet, on which poets so often rely,

Has, for centuries, been a classic norm.

The first sonnet was written in Italy, it seems,

Yet, Shakespeare’s structure is more often known:

Three sets of four lines, with alternating rhyme schemes,

End with two lines, in a rhyming tone.

“Iambic pentameter” would be the name,

Dear - what a long sounding word!

In the sixteenth century, it rose to fame,

As Shakespeare’s plays and poems were heard.

And for our finale, I’ll give you all a clue:

This entire poem is a sonnet too!


A simple sonnet to be used as an example for schoolchildren learning different styles of poetry. The sonnet details an extremely brief history of the sonnet form, as well as basic components and terminology.

[ * The End * ]


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