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  • Kimberly

Love Letter to February

By Kimberly
Posted on January 28, 2023
Cover Image Title: Love Is in the Air
Cover Image by: Yara A.
Classification: Hybrid (Photography with the center piece hand-drawn)
Year: 2023

You hold the holiday of love yet you are the shortest

You have 28 days and we love whatever is rare

You hold my birthday on ground hog’s day

You welcome spring and end winter

Yet, they decline you

You are too short

You drag winter on for too long

You are the wrong month for love

You are boring

They have to endure another day of you every four years

But, I love you

I love that you are the month of love

I love that my birthday also shares a holiday

I love that you provide an extra month of my favorite season

I love that you have 28 days because we love whatever is rare

February, you are loved.


This poem is a shout-out to February, an unwelcome month for a lot of people. Some say that February is awful because it only has 28 days, but it is the only month that does not fall into the 30-or-31 pattern. It is odd, to some extent, and not too often do we cherish what is limited, for example, gold. In these 28 days, February holds so much. It holds Valentine’s Day, another winter month, a spring start, and my birthday on Groundhog Day. Furthermore, every four years, one lucky day is added to February. There is so much to love, and so here I am, loving it.

[ * The End * ]

Editor's Notes:

This poem rediscovers a hidden gem from what has been long taken granted, while the joy stems from nowhere but an open mind and a loving heart. The author reminds the readers that the reasons why something is viewed an undesirable burden are exactly the same reasons why the same thing is actually a gift unexpected. The distinction is drawn by the different perspectives. - Writing Editor: J. Y.

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