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  • Reese Walker

Dear Author

By Reese Walker
Posted on January 28, 2023
Cover Image Title: Dear Author
Cover Image by: Kaitlyn Hsieh
Classification: Digital Art
Specifications: Resized from its original Size of 4,148 x 2,937‬
Year: 2023

Dear author,

please tell my story.

You can type it on a keyboard,

tap it on a typewriter

or write it with a pen.

You can let the ink blotch on the paper,

just cross out the mistakes,

and erase a sentence or two.

You can crumple a thousand pages;

just let the wrinkles be a map

along long-traveled roads.

Look to your clouds

and draw the shapes

of my fate.

Write my words with your heat

and not your mind;

your thoughts may block the pencil.

I may only be a character

but in your world,

I am so much more.


If characters could speak to their writers, what would they say? This poem revolves around a fictional character speaking to their self-doubtful author, trying their best to (help them?). They may be a successful author one day, but not until they put the words on the page to tell their story. The ‘character’ instructs them to do whatever they please with their words, as long as they come from the heart. This is a message to all the writers in the world who do not have someone to push them to tell the story that lives in their minds. Your imagination is a beautiful place; never be afraid to tell a story with it.

[ * The End * ]

Editor's Notes:

This poem is a powerful and evocative piece that speaks to the connection between the author and their characters. The final lines, "I may only be a character, but in your world, I am so much more," perfectly capture the power of literature to bring characters to life and imbue them with meaning. This is truly a well-written and thought-provoking poem. - Writing Editor: Paul Shannon.


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