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  • Arya Utsa Varma

Broken Clocks

By Arya Utsa Varma
Posted on November 1, 2023
a broken clock, a good clock
Cover Image Title: Can Reality Change with Time?
Cover Image by: Deborah
Classification: Digital Art
Specifications: Traditional media, watercolor, A4 size
Year: 2023
Location: Dubai, UAE

Seconds tick by, minutes flee,

Dancing ‘round the hamster wheel,

I reach out a hand (my arm’s too weak),

As Time whispers in ever-waking sleep-

And they run ahead, colours flying in the wind!

Unbroken and unfazed, tick-tocking as they win,

And I stay frozen. Cold marble, statuesque.

Clocks peer at me from behind my eyes,

Soft whispers that pierce my mind,

And I exhale Time

And breathe in Infinity.


As humans, we are unable to control time. Thus, some, unfortunately, become slaves to it, be it in their personal lives or the corporate world. The poem reflects the frustration of the speaker as they grapple with the constraints of time as a slave. The speaker expresses their grief that those around them are able to utilize their time and achieve their goals, whereas they feel a stagnancy and a sense of powerlessness. Ultimately, the speaker, upon realizing that they cannot exert their own influence over time, wishes to abandon the concept of time entirely. Instead, they embrace "infinity" and the freedom and possibilities that come with it.

[ * The End * ]

[ Writing Editor: J. Y. ]


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