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  • Hieu T.


BY Hieu T.
Posted on July 1, 2023
Cover Image Title: Footsteps in the Sand
Cover Image by: Janani Venkat Ramanan
Classification: Photography
Specifications: Resized from 4032 x 3024, shot at Gulf Shores, Mississippi
Year: 2023

In my prayers

I stand on a safe seed

Legs no longer

Knowing where to go

Only to find out

That they needed to stay

The rest of my hair

Flowing off into the wind

‘Til my crown is left

With the cut

It always wanted

My face

Now seen as mine

In the eyes that always found

Gold in everything, not mined

Its features deemed



A smile

Once an expensive foreign

Now taken

For the ride of its life

This body

Once invisible

Non-existent flaws

Of fake-gold, yellow

Now gleam

With treasure uncovered

Buried in the hollow

And that’s just the half of it.

My mind is now

My voice


My voice is now

My mind

What I mind

I say

What I don’t mind

I say

Everything I want

Is on the island

Of my tone

Mind you

And I think that’s all



I’ll eventually


Which is why

I say

Too much

But that’s okay



I still am

Who I am

A blessing

In the guise

of a



[Ước ─To wish, to yearn]

This piece was created during a time of great confusion for myself. I had dreams of soaring, yet, I was pulled down by the reality around me. I was put in a juxtaposition: I feared the opinions of those around me, and I felt an overwhelming obligation to remain the person that others around me thought I was. As a person who feels profound emotions that otherwise cannot be expressed in a verbal manner, I use this poem as an outlet to delve into my wishes and desires. Throughout each line, I compare who it is that I currently am, with who it is that I wish to be, using present tense, as a means to manifest those desires into reality. Until I came to the realization that the righteous person that I wanted to be was there all along, it was just underneath the layers of my fears.

[ * The End * ]

[Writing Editor: Kimberly Nguyen]


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